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SystemSpecs Children’s Day Essay Competition: Frequently Asked Questions





  1. Is the participation category age-based or class-based?

    The participation is age-based. For instance, you fall into the junior category if you are between 9-12 years old and the senior category between 13-16 years old. You must also be a student in Nigeria.

  2. Is the essay to be submitted handwritten or typed?

    The essay should be submitted as a soft copy only. It should be written in Microsoft Word; Font size – 12; Font Type – Georgia, Arial, or Calibri.

  3. Can I participate if I was one of the winners last year? No, you cannot participate. However, only winners from the junior category can participate if they now fall in the senior category, i.e. 13-16 years- old.

  4. Am I qualified if I turn age 9 or 17 this year? Ages 9 to 12 are qualified for the junior category, while ages 13 to 16 are qualified for the senior category. You are not to be less than 9 or more than 16 at the competition’s opening date (February 20th, 2024 for the 2024 edition).

  5. Can I submit my essay myself as a participant? No. Submission should only be made by the School, Teacher, Parent, or Guardian. Parents/Schools are advised to preview submissions using the preview link provided so they can effect corrections immediately before submission.

  6. Is the essay competition virtual or onsite? Submission for the essay competition is  only via the portal – https://systemspecs.com.ng/2024essay while the award ceremony will be a hybrid event (physical and online).

  7. What are the terms and conditions? The terms and conditions are stated on the competition portal. Visit https://systemspecs.com.ng/2024essay to read more.

  8. How will the participants’ information be inputted in the essay for submission? Participants’ data will be entered at the point of submission. Do not include such information in the essay document.

  9. How do I submit my essay? Visit the competition portal – https://systemspecs.com.ng/2024essay click on “Submit Essay”, fill in the fields, upload your essay document, and submit.

  10. How do I know that my essay submission is successful? You will receive an email confirming that the submission was successful.

  11. What happens if a participant submits twice? Double submission or entry will lead to automatic disqualification. Please, ensure you have a stable network before you submit your entry.

  12. I (Parent/School) made a mistake while submitting the age and other details on the portal. Can I still make changes after submission? You are allowed to re-submit only ONCE. To re-submit, please send an email of appeal to participate@systemspecs.com.ng stating that you wish to withdraw your submission. It is only after this is approved that you can re-submit.

  13. Is reference part of the word count, and how do I submit references?References provided by participants will NOT form part of the word count. The references should be copied and pasted into the section provided during submission. Also, references (where they exist) should be in APA style. Kindly index the reference sources to the referenced sentences and label them in the reference section accordingly.


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