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How to format and upload a Vendor/ E-cheque payment file on Remita

How To Format a vendor/ E-cheque Payment File

  • Type in the details of the beneficiary(s) in the format provided (see screen shot below) and edit the content of the upload file to ‘Text’

  • Ensure that the bank codes are correctly entered (e.g 011 for FBN and 058 for GTBank, ….)
  • Delete the ‘Header Row’ before uploading the payment file into the system


How To Upload a Vendor/ E-cheque Payment File on Remita

  • Any of the registered initiators logs into the system.
  • Clicks on the ‘Pay Vendors Suppliers and Others’sub-menu under the ‘Payments‘ menu.

  • Click the radio button labeled ‘Upload Payment File‘ and select ‘Normal E-cheques’ from the drop down list labeled ‘Select Upload Type’ 

  • Click the ‘Browse‘ button to select the already formatted file
  • Click the ‘Preview‘ button
  • Once the details are satisfactory click the ’Submit‘ button and continue with your operation.