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A fundraising platform that helps individuals,
groups and organisations to raise fund towards causes that matter to them.

FundACause is a fundraising platform for individuals, groups and organisations who desire to raise and donate funds towards any cause to meet their desired goal in a transparent and secure environment.


What can you do with FundACause?


As a Fundraiser, with FundACause, you can:

  • Create your non-investment-driven fundraising campaign initiative.
  • Receive donations within and outside Nigeria.
  • Raise funds for verified causes from the public.
  • Provide an easy-to-use, secure, and multi-channel payment platform to donors
  • Foster a community of individuals and organisations who desire to make a difference in the society through social causes
  • Inspire and encourage great ideas through success stories.
  • Have your donations processed immediately and credited to campaign’s designated account within 2 business days.
  • Enhance brand perception for transparency and accountability
  • Position as the go-to resource for credible projects and campaigns by reputable individuals and groups.

As a Donor, you can:

  • Access all important details of a campaign
  • Independently decide whether or not to support and to what extent
  • Review campaigns in detail, including their target amount and the percentage of target reached as well as fundraisers’ public profile.
  • Locate specific campaigns and take next steps, as you deem appropriate.
  • Donate (anonymously if desired) to campaigns
  • Publicise campaign by sharing links across social media