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Solutions Delivery

Solutions Delivery

Our service delivery model is at every point guided by our compliance with international standards and best practices. This means that at any time we have reason to work with you, you are assured of world-class service delivery.

Based on discussions with you and tapping into our wealth of experience, we are able to demonstrate our understanding of your requirements during presentation sessions specifically organised for you. This enables you to visualise the impact of our solution recommendation on your operations.

Our service offering is broadly divided into


Our installation services include the loading of our applications on your operating IT platform and tuning this for optimal performance.


Using the SystemSpecs Implementation Methodology Services (SIMS) – our proprietary implementation approach, we work with your project team to configure our applications for your business. This way, we are able to flex the system to meet your particular needs.

We also carry out a Post-Implementation Review exercise with you to evaluate how well your needs have been addressed by the implementation exercise.


We offer implementation training to your project team members at the commencement of the project. We also offer product overview and in-depth training courses on an on-going basis to your different categories of users.


To ensure that you derive full value from your investment in our solutions, we provide full back-up support to our customers, who are encouraged to have a maintenance contract with us. Requests, issues and queries are effectively handled by our dedicated team of support professionals.

Delivery Channels

SystemSpecs presents you with a choice of service delivery options. At any phase of your organisation’s growth, you can determine which of our service options best complements your internal strategy.


Our service offering is broadly divided into

Onsite Implementation

In this option, the installed software resides on your IT infrastructure. Your staffs are in control of the solutions delivered to you. Our consultants will work with you to set-up your system. They are also at hand to ensure your effective use of the solutions.

Onsite Hosted

This option is driven by Software as a Service (SaaS) concept. Under this model, you pay only as you utilize the application which is hosted on our secured servers. You are required only to have your personal computers and internet access. With this option your operations become truly global in the real sense of the word as you have access to your records 24X7 from anywhere in the world.


SystemSpecs operates a payroll management bureau service through which we provide monthly payroll processing services for organisations who have adopted outsourcing as standard or who do not wish to invest in the internal infrastructure to conduct payroll operations.

Our bureau service offers you a world of ease. At the end of your pay periods, you simply get individual payslips for your employees, as well as management reports in your pre-specified formats. Our bureau option frees up your resources to focus on your core competence and to maximise the productivity of your employees.