Our Training Academy

The Academy

In line with our Mission “To be the leading provider of qualitative e-Payment,  financial, and human capital management software solutions to discerning clients in the Nigerian and larger African market,” SystemSpecs runs a Training Academy to empower our clients to optimize the use of all our solutions.

Goal and Objectives:

SystemSpecs Training Academy now has the responsibility to:

  • Drive the strategic goal of a thorough education of the growing software industry
  • Fast track the migration of SystemSpecs operation to a highly knowledge driven system
  • Engage users in a knowledge drive that will further reduce dependency on our consultant
  • Evolve more proactive ways towards product optimization through knowledge
  • Deliver technology advantage across users organisation through deliberate culture change
  • Provide enabling environment for the technology dependant emerging mega corporations
  • And many more…



To achieve our set objectives, our training product and services are based on derived need through a well thought-through and proven training-need identification methodology. Leveraging on our seasoned human resource, training, customer service and certification managers, our product, packaging, pricing and promotional strategies rank amongst the best.

Our Approach

While maintaining our overview and function specific training structure, our courses are broken into short duration to facilitate assimilation and clearly defined and manageable learning curve. This enables you manage your competence level depending on your immediate need, spreading your learning over a period of time of your choice. Consequently, our package gives you options of various types:

Training Options

  • Conducive all year round timing
  • Venue – On and Off-Site
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Registration Flexibility

Types of Training

  • Product Global Overview and Function Specific Training
  • Executive Overview Forums
  • Product Boot Camps

What distinguishes us from other Training Institute include;

  • Our clear understanding of today’s HR/Financial management solution requirements for organisations’ day-to-day operations
  • Delivery of proven training solution designed to meet the requirements of both private and public sector organisations employment platform that is currently experiencing a dearth of skilled professionals in these specialised areas.
  • Adoption of a structured, world-class training methodology, which encompasses a detailed learning management strategy.
  • Availability of structured pre/post-training delegates assessment and ongoing continuous education programme.
  • A proven history of our successful delivery of public and private sector training across the country and beyond.
  • A team of greatly experienced and competent and versatile instructors to handle different aspects of this project.