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Remita: Enabling Team Building Through Sport

Sports is a powerful way to build strong connections and emotional well-being while fostering a sense of partnership. This underscores our participation in the Socialiga 5 Aside Corporate League Competition, creating a unique opportunity to unite our employees through football – one of the most popular sports worldwide.

At Remita, we interpret ‘team building’ as the principles and processes that improve the efficiency and performance of our team members, and enable us to reach a common goal. Perhaps, more importantly, we emphasise the need for exciting interactions between individuals.

Clad in our exotic jersey – a classic white top and short with a touch of orange, detailing SystemSpecs’ subsidiaries, the Specs Team has played in two fixtures since September 2023.

In our opening match, we took on Team Brass, losing the game to a score line of 4-0. Naturally, it felt disappointing, but we kept our spirits up and trained a little harder for a winning comeback.

On Saturday, October 21st, we took the lead against Team eBanqo at Landmark Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos. The preparation towards this second attempt was different, from the effort and energy put in by our Specs Team to the remarkable team support – our hopes could not be crashed!

The team rallied together, even more strategically, and although the game ended 1-0, the experience demonstrated the value of team spirit and the magic of hard work and preparedness. This time around, we scored an actual goal and our shouts of jubilation could not have been louder. 😊

Believe it or not, this is what games are about, possibly the most effective influence on our minds to be dejected one minute and yet be so optimistic the next.

While we are excited about our current feat, one fact remains as communicated in the wisdom of this quote by Jon Gordon: “It is not the team with the best players that win. It’s the players with the best team that wins”. Teamwork is everything. It is the spirit that drives possibilities, real connections and responsibilities to everyone’s joy and success.

In line with SystemSpec (our Group Company)  values, this exercise allows the diverse pairing of personalities to help athletes become adaptable, persistent, and patient. Football also teaches a sense of group and individual responsibility. This is an obvious one because we worked effectively together and made better decisions.

Being on a team with a dozen or more of your peers is an excellent way to recognise the individual talent each person brings to the table. As Socialiga provides athletes with a natural community, which incubates the perfect setting for team bonding – we commend their social support to corporate organisations, even as we all play our vital roles in shaping and empowering a formidable workforce in Nigeria.

With this initiative, participating athletes may be more willing to tackle bigger problems, working together and giving their best to implement solutions for societal impact! In the end, the opportunity to participate in team sports provides players and lovers of football valuable skills that will take them beyond the field, pitch, and court.

SystemSpecs employees are often referred to as “SpecsChampions” for a good reason because whatever the results may be in the upcoming fixtures, the team who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defences or the problems of modern-day society.