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The 2024 SystemSpecs CDEC Experience: A Journey of Inspiration & Grit

Indeed, the 2024 Children’s Day Essay Competition (CDEC) was a remarkable edition filled with excitement and heartwarming moments from start to finish. From the pre-announcement stage, culminating in the national awards ceremony, every aspect of the journey was profoundly empowering.

Our team’s efforts to inspire young Nigerian leaders in the ICT sector are truly commendable. This edition will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the participants and contribute significantly to a brighter future for the Nigeria ICT sector. Here’s a glimpse of ‘The SystemSpecs Experience’.

The  journey began with the search for a fitting topic for this year’s competition, a process that spanned several weeks. Finally, with the topic selected, we announced this year’s edition and opened the competition submission portal. From the moment the portal opened until the awards ceremony, it was a thrilling and fast-paced adventure.


Welcoming Our Winners

Our winners, hailing from various States in Nigeria, were the highlight of the National Awards Ceremony. However, pre-event activities included a visit to the SystemSpecs headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, starting a day before the awards ceremony – Thursday, June 13th, 2024. We flew in two families from Abuja (FCT) and Rivers State and ensured the safe landing of three families from Oyo and Lagos State. In total, we had our five top tech champions in both the junior and senior categories and their parents (5) in attendance.  Unfortunately, the sixth winner could not make it due to exams.


‘The SystemSpecs Experience’

The day began with a warm introduction to SystemSpecs by our Group Head of Corporate Services, Mrs. Bukola Adeboye. This was followed by engaging conversations with various staff members, who shared insights into different career options in tech, highlighting their educational backgrounds and success stories. This session was particularly instructive, allowing parents and children to ask questions and seek guidance on building a successful future.

The agenda also included lunch; a visit to two SystemSpecs subsidiaries HumanManager and Deelaa offices; a tour of the HQ building; and a visit to a radio station – Inspiration FM, Lagos.

We returned to the office for pictures and video content, capturing the joy and excitement of meeting with our national champions.


Unforgettable Hospitality

The ‘SystemSpecs experience’ was filled with joy and excitement. The joy was palpable as we moved from one activity to another. The reception at HumanManager and Deelaa, two of   our subsidiaries at a different location in Lagos, was particularly memorable, with each meeting ending in inspiring talks by key management executives, photos, videos, and gifts. It was an overwhelming but delightful day.


Lunch too was a pure delight, with everyone enjoying their preferred meals in our cafeteria. We also provided a light breakfast upon their arrival and dinner at the hotel we had booked.

During the day, the parents shared heartfelt stories, including how some children submitted their entries just before the portal closed. One parent recounted her nerves during the 2024 announcement ceremony on Children’s Day, only to be overjoyed when her son won.


Their radio appearance on Inspiration FM, Lagos, was also a highlight, with the children and their parents. One mother, experiencing Lagos and radio for the first time, expressed her amazement and pride in her child’s accomplishments.


Our national tech champions and their parents spent two nights at the hotel, creating wonderful memories. The experience of being with us and receiving recognition for their achievements was a source of immense satisfaction. Moreover, the hospitality extended to the families, from arranging transportation to providing meals and accommodation, ensured that they felt welcomed and celebrated.


















Celebrating Achievements

The pre-event activities culminated in the much-anticipated awards ceremony. Our team had a long but fulfilling day, creating lasting memories for our national winners, who truly deserved the recognition. As the night closed, we could only imagine the excitement and anticipation for the actual awards ceremony.

The Awards ceremony did not disappoint – it was a spectacular event. The awards ceremony was a fitting culmination of the competition, celebrating the hard work and talent of all winners and participating students from across the 36 states in Nigeria. The event was a testament to SystemSpecs’ commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of young Nigerians and the future of the ICT sector.

At SystemSpecs, we take pride in our investments in these young leaders. We believe their future is bright and eagerly await the positive outcome of their engagement with us. As we continue to nurture and inspire the next generation of technology leaders in Nigeria, we are confident that the country’s future is filled with hope and promise.


Looking Ahead

In conclusion, the 2024 Children’s Day Essay Competition was a testament to the power of inspiration and dedication. We are proud to have played a role in the development of these young talents and look forward to their future contributions to the ICT sector in Nigeria.

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